THE BEACH BODY...aka PHYSIQUE TRANSFORMATION...Through a customized, time tested, and proven, system of Strength Training, Cardio Conditioning, Flexibility Development, and Nutrition...the goal of this workout is to create the finest physique your genetics will allow, in the shortest amount of time possible. You will train hard. You will eat for fuel. You will be consistent... ultimately you will move better, and feel great... but best of all, you will look fantastic!



FOREVER YOUNG...  Smart, customized, safe and effective conditioning specifically tailored to physiques over 40.  Stay active, feel fantastic, and enjoy life to it's fullest by training smarter, not harder.  Learn about the changes your body is going through, then learn how to take your performance, and physique, to the level you want.

ATHLETIC TRAINING...From Golf, to Surfing, to Hockey, to Soccer...The Athletic Training Program focuses on sports specific conditioning: ABC's (Agility, Balance, Coordination), Strength, Endurance, Control,... Customized programs to prevent injury, enhance performance, improve weaknesses, and tap potential. From the weekend warrior, to the professional athlete: Be Better.

FLEXIBILITY DEVELOPMENT...Move with more motion. Perform with more ability. Maintain bone alignment, create muscle balance, and avoid injury. Stand strong and walk tall... Flexibility is just as important as cardio and strength training. If you can't move your body, how do you safely use a high performing cardiovascular and muscle system? Flexibility Development is a critical element to overall performance and health. Utilizing static, dynamic, and MAT (Muscle Activation Technique) stretching techniques, you'll bring greater ROM (Range Of Motion) to the bodies' tendons, ligaments, muscle, and fascia...A Must!

COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZED... When you know what you want, but it's not on the menu... This service listens to exactly the kind of conditioning you want, and makes it happen. It hears everything you want to share, and works together, with you, to develop the training session that YOU want!

CONSULTATION/EVALUATION...Want a quick fitness assessment, consultation and a tweak to your current program in order to keep getting results? Designing a Home Gym or Commercial Fitness Center and need expert advice on equipment, layout or design? Have a fitness project that needs professional attention?...Take advantage of the knowledge and experience of a Fitness Industry Expert who's spent more than 25 years doing it all! No more guessing. No more wasting time. No more wasting money. Team up with a professional today, take advantage of their knowledge, experience, and dedication, and then go conquer the world!!!

GROUP TRAINING/BOOTCAMPS...  Got a group of 2 or more? Let's do it!  All training services are available for groups. From a 20 person Suspension Training Bootcamp, to a 10 person 30 minute Flexibility Development Session, to a Couples Physique Transformation Conditioning Program... Experience a professionally customized Group Training session, and witness your results.

DIY TRAINING PROGRAMS...  Complete and customized workout programs designed to meet your goals while you train on your own.  This 2 hour session includes an evaluation of your current program, an assessment of your current fitness level, and a 3 month detailed training program that will take your body where you want it to be... Make gains, ensure success, break plateaus, avoid injuries and over-training: Do It Yourself, under the direction of a professional, and ensure your success.



3 Session Special: $1,800mxp!/$100usd!!

(3 Sixty Minute Sessions...1st Time Clients Only)

60 Minute Session = $1,100mxp/$60usd*

30 Minute Session = $650mxp/$35usd*

Group Session = $1,400mxp/$85usd* for 2 people ($180mxp/additional person)

DIY (Do It Yourself) Custom 3 Hour Program = $3000mxp/$175usd



*Discounted Package Rates Available for all 1-on-1 and Group Sessions...

Please Contact For Details.


Reservation|Cancellation Policy: Sessions are confirmed with a 100% deposit

full refund with cancellation of 24 hours or more from start of session. 

No refund for cancellations within 24 hours of session start time,

No refund for DIY programs.